We provide highly specialized financial products.

Core Businesses

The three pillars in our highly specialized business

  • Distribution of offshore funds

    We provide our customers with prominent foreign funds that are suitable for long-term investment. Stable returns are expected by commercializing them in Japan at relatively affordable amounts, thereby responding to the needs of long term asset management.

  • Real estate advisory services

    We mainly engage in consulting and intermediary business so that real estate assets may be effectively utilized. Feel free to contact us for various consultations on real estate.

  • M&A advisory services

    We conduct advisory business for appropriate and effective M&A so that our customers may realize the business/financial strategies they pursue. We also receive consultation on business succession.

How we can assist: Our Strengths

The independence to pursue customer-oriented business conduct

  • We do not belong to any specific financial institution groups. This allows us to focus on distributing the financial products that we believe are customer-oriented.
  • We are able to make prompt decisions even under volatile market environments, which helps us to provide mobility in our customers' investment.

Structuring the world's state-of-the-art investment products in Japan

  • Through cooperation with our foreign partners, we can structure and distribute excellent hedge funds in Japan that have solid track records abroad.
  • With this platform, we are able to build and provide a scheme that allows even individuals in Japan to purchase reputable hedge funds that are applicable to super-wealthy and institutional investors.

Enterprising spirit brought by customer-orientation and independence

  • We stand on a customer-oriented policy and independence; for this reason, we can demonstrate our enterprising spirit and use of state-of-the-art global investment methods. It is our role to help our customers' life plan with these methods.

Our Fund Business

We have established a distribution system through the IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), with whom we have a contract, as well as a direct distribution system, and will satisfy the needs of customers with various support systems.

We provide investment strategies that respond to investors' risk tolerance and targeted investment profits, and offshore funds with favorable risk/return characteristics, after sufficiently explaining products to customers.

Points we consider important in selecting funds:

  • Aiming for relatively stable investment profits through mid-to-long term investment
  • Not highly correlated with the global financial markets (stocks, bonds, and commodities, etc.)
  • Having a consistent investment philosophy and long-standing track record, comprehending sources of return and risk factors sufficiently.
  • Investing in assets with sufficient liquidity.
  • Highly valuing systematically structured investment, and trying to diversify investment strategies among selected funds

Furthermore, at AIR's SEA SECURITIES, we value a co-working relationship with FP and IFA, and respond to the needs of customers with various supporting structures.

AS Philosophy

  1. Have a lofty aspiration like the sky
  2. Have a profound affection like the sea
  3. Customers' profit is first; our profit will be generated by earning trust from customers
  4. Virtues, not interests — whether or not it is morally correct is the sole criterion for our business conduct
  5. Have a mind of loyalty — sincerity and thoughtfulness build the basis of cooperation
  6. Demonstrate abilities fully -- believe in oneself, muster one's vigor, demonstrate one's full ability, and never give up
  7. Try one's hardest — realize that we are part of nature and demonstrate our abilities with humble but brave efforts as a group
  8. Bring about innovation in the financial products market — our activities are rooted in selecting and providing truly customer-oriented financial products from all over the world: through these activities, become an innovative pioneer who aims to change the financial products market into a place where customers' interests are respected

AS History

  • 2002March
    Established as Joint Securities Co., Ltd. in Meguro ward, Tokyo
  • July
    Registered security business at Kanto Local Finance Bureau
  • July
    Joined Japan Securities Dealers Association and Japan Investor Protection Fund
  • 2003December
    Changed trade name to Air's Sea Securities Co., Ltd.
  • 2004February
    Transferred to Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
  • 2009December
    Transferred to Nihonbashi, Chuo ward, Tokyo (current office)
  • 2011March
    Established Financial Product Development Department
  • April
    Started dealing with hedge funds
  • August
    Established IFA Business Department (current Sales Promotion Department) and Financial Economy Laboratory
  • 2012April
    Obtained Real Estate Broker License
  • May
    Established Real Estate Business Department
  • 2014March
    Established Sales Promotion Department
  • Corporate profile
    Trade name: Air's Sea Securities Co., Ltd. Type I Financial Instruments Business Operator, Type II Financial Instruments Business Operator Director General of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial instruments business) No. 33 (registered on Sept 30, 2007) Real Estate Broker, Governor of Tokyo (2) No. 94155; Member of Japan Securities Dealers Association; Member of Japan Investor Protection Fund; Member of Public Interest Incorporated Corporation National Federation of Real Estate Transaction Associations; and Member of Public Interest Incorporated Corporation National Association for Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
    (Please visit our website for compliance, and separate management, etc.)